ZB UK Teaching Group

Zero Balancing is the bodywork of relationship.

The members of the ZB UK teacher group are all Certified Zero Balancers who have practiced for many years and who have graduated from one of the several Teacher Training Programmes which have been held since 1988.

The group are all experienced healthcare workers skilled in therapies ranging from acupuncture, chiropractic, bodywork, counselling, homeopathy to general medical practice. They share a common passion about teaching Zero Balancing as an important approach to healthcare, which they have each found to be of real value in their own lives.

Zero Balancing is taught in workshops where its art and skills are presented and learnt in a small groups. This permits a high ratio of teachers and assistants to students, so that you receive practical hands-on instruction with feedback.

If you are interested in learning Zero Balancing, we recommend that you begin by receiving a session with a Certified Zero Balancer. The fundamentals of Zero Balancing are taught over two workshops, Core I and Core II.

Please see the schedule of workshops listings HERE. If you would like to help organise a workshop in your area and invite one of us to teach, then please contact info@zerobalancinguk.org and enquire about details.

ZBA UK Teaching Group

Once you have begun your journey of learning Zero Balancing we encourage you to continue your development by joining the Certification Programme. With the guidance and support of your own mentor and group meetings you gain a recognised proficiency, which following completion entitles you to practice as a Certified Zero Balancer. The ZB UK Teaching Group oversees this Programme led by Jeff Lennard the Programme Co-ordinator.

The learning of a skill such as Zero Balancing is best achieved through frequent practice along with the guidance of experienced practitioners. The teachers also lead National and Regional Study days as part of a wider responsibility to ensure Certified Zero Balancing practitioners stay current and maintain high standards of practice. These one day meetings give the opportunity to exchange sessions, review material, receive constructive feedback and consolidate your skills in a supportive atmosphere.

A selected team of Teachers presents the annual ZB UK Masterclass. This summer residential attracts participants from all levels of experience who value the opportunity to continue developing their skills in the company of the community of Zero Balancers.

Zero Balancing UK Teachers

Karli Beare – London (N)
zbkarli@btinternet.com 07900 606031

Joe Church – Norwich
Joechurch.jc@gmail.com 01603 623498

Anna Colmer – Dorset
anna@zerobalancer.co.uk 01258 861737

Meher Engineer – Greater London (SW)
meher.zb@gmail.com 0208 893 8427

Jacki Eve – Devon
Jackieve594@gmail.com 01364 631103 or 07850 661283

Jo Hale – Derby
johale@sky.com 01332 841939

John Hamwee – Kendal, Cumbria
jjhamwee@gmail.com 01539 568697

Alan Hext – Dorset
a.n.hext@gmail.com 07901 778 696

Jeff Lennard – London
jeffalennard@gmail.com 0207 272 5830

Rosanna Price – Cambridge
rosanna@tree-of-life-therapy.co.uk 07970 295177

Richard Walters – Devon
richardwalters600@gmail.com 07811 845862

Cassie White – West Sussex
cassie@cassie-white.co.uk 01903 700477