Core ZB courses

The Zero Balancing curriculum is arranged into three general categories, namely Core Zero Balancing (which includes Core ZB I and Core ZB II workshops), Skills courses and Advanced courses. All Zero Balancing courses are taught in a variety of formats that can range from 5 consecutive days, 2 consecutive weekends to 2 introductory days, followed by a series of evening classes. Formats are at the discretion of the individual teacher. For more information on Zero Balancing courses currently available please view our Course Calendar, or contact Rosanna Price if you would like to host a Zero Balancing course in your area.

Core Courses Core ZB I and Core ZB II are the two courses that everyone takes when embarking on the journey to study Zero Balancing. Broadly speaking, they work as a pair providing a thorough introduction to the principles and skills that underpin Zero Balancing.

Our Courses:

Core ZB I
Core ZB II

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