Core ZB II

Zero Balancing Course Descriptions
  • Prerequisites: Core ZB I
  • Taught by all ZBA UK Teachers
  • Certification Programme requirement
  • Complimentary Study Guide

Core ZB II is second in the pair of Core Zero Balancing courses, following up from Core ZB I.

Students have the opportunity to review material taught in Core ZB I and deepen their understanding of the theory and principles that underpin Zero Balancing. In addition, participants will learn new fulcrums and how to integrate these into an expanded protocol.

Core ZB II is normally taught over for or five days, either as consecutive days or over two weekends.  The fees start at  £495, and vary according to location and venue costs.  Please see the Course Calendar for details of individual events.

This course is also highly recommended to those Certified Zero Balancing practitioners who have not taken a Zero Balancing course in a while as it is an ideal opportunity to refresh their skills and ‘keep current’ with developments in Zero Balancing.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate new fulcrums when reviewing the basic protocol
  • How to emphasize your quality of touch and attention
  • Work at a deeper level during sessions
  • To work more effectively with less physical effort
  • How to frame your Zero Balancing sessions
  • To work with expanded states of consciousness during sessions
  • To acquire experience in preparation for advanced study
  • How Zero Balancing can support and enliven your existing skills set