Zero Balancing Life Skills I & II

Explore our principles through these two, new introductory workshops, ZB Life Skills I & II.

“Such an open-hearted atmosphere. Giving enriching information that I will cherish and use in everyday life. I feel incredibly grateful and inspired.”
– JT (2023)

These two half-day introductory workshops are open to anyone and everyone interested in learning more about themselves and how they relate to the world.

Your relationship with your self is key and will colour your perception, directly impact every relationship you have with others, and determine how you “show up” in your life and engage in the dance of Life.

During these two half-day experiential workshops, we will play with some of the rich ideas and natural principles of Zero Balancing using practical exercises that are simple and fun. They can also facilitate profound insights about how we relate to, engage and communicate with ourselves and others.

Life Skills classes draw and expand on the principles taught in ZBI and ZBII and relate them to how they apply in our everyday lives. These classes do not include any hands-on bodywork. This is taught in the ZBI & ZBII Workshops.

What we will cover and what you might gain from these workshops

  • An introduction and exploration of some of the essential principles that exist in the natural world
  • How to use that understanding to enable better communication with others and your Self
  • An exploration of different types of touch, and how they can inform and influence how we connect with others more consciously
  • An insight and awareness of the different levels of “anatomy” i.e. physical and energetic and how they interact
  • An enhanced awareness of your body, particularly in relation to the skeleton and movement, leading to a greater appreciation of your body and how it serves you
  • How to listen to your body’s wisdom
  • The value of attention
  • The value of the pause
  • The importance of accessing the subconscious aspects of the self and why ZB is such a powerful tool in this regard
  • You as a Fulcrum

Who might benefit

Anyone who would like to explore and improve their relationship with themselves and others.

Practitioners of other modalities who would like to enhance or add another facet/ layer to the work they are already doing.

Anyone who has an interest in Zero Balancing and who would like to know and understand more about some of the ideas and principles on which it is based- and their practical application in everyday life.

“Boundaries – it was so interesting learning how I could use this in my life. I struggle with boundaries, so this was so valuable.”
– workshop participant (2022)


An open mind, an open heart and a willingness to participate are all that is needed. Other than that, there are no prerequisites for attending these half-day classes, or a Core ZB I class, and you are free to use your learning from any of these classes for yourself and your family and friends.

However, if you are thinking of taking your work with Zero Balancing further and training to become a Certified Zero Balancer, or using it professionally, then please be aware that there are certain conditions which apply. Please feel free to contact the ZB UK Office for more information if this is the case.

Upcoming Workshops

Please refer to the Course Calendar for all upcoming ZB Life Skills workshops across the UK. If you are interested in hosting a ZB Life Skills workshop in your area, then please reach out to the ZB UK Office.

Your Teaching Associates

(top left to bottom right: Harry Theaker, Stella Welton, James Salomons, Juliet Cox, Wendy Leach & Penny Baird)

As a collective of Zero Balancing practitioners, we are the first cohort to qualify as ZB UK Teaching Associates. Our shared passion for Zero Balancing has grown from our direct experience of ZB and the potential for transformation this so often brings, both on and off the table.

Our exploration of the foundational principles of ZB under the mentorship and vision of ZB UK Teacher Meher Engineer, has led us to co-create the ZB Life Skills workshops. This process has elevated and deepened our understanding and appreciation of this remarkable art form. We look forward to sharing and exploring these principles with you, so that you may integrate the learning and discovery for yourself, the invitation to live with greater clarity, vitality and authenticity.

“I have learned so much within a short space of time, plenty of both information and fun. It has inspired me to learn more about ZB and continue my journey of self-development. Thank you.”
– KB (2023)