Freely Moveable Joints

Zero Balancing Course Descriptions
  • Prerequisites: Core ZB I & Core ZB II
  • Certification Programme requirement
  • Complimentary Study Guide

Beyond the Protocol (Freely Moveable Joints) is an Advanced Zero Balancing Course that expands on the fundamental principles of Zero Balancing covered in Core ZB I and Core ZB II by teaching you how to work with the ‘freely moveable joints’ of the body. Working with this joint family presents a unique therapeutic challenge because of their anatomical variety and their great ranges of motion.

This course is normally taught over four days.  Fees start at £495, and vary according to location and venue costs.  Please see the Course Calendar for details of individual events.

You will learn:

  • How key Zero Balancing principles apply to working with FMJs in your client’s body
  • The basic anatomy of these joints
  • How to work with the shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, elbow, wrist and fingers
  • How to work with the knee, ankle, metatarsals and toes
  • How to asses the sacro-iliac joint via the hip
  • The acetabular hip fulcrum
  • Temporomandibular joint fulcrum
  • Direct bone fulcrums and ‘bone bending’