Zero Balancing Around the World

'Together, we are laying the groundwork for Zero Balancing to bring harmony and balance to the world, far into the future.' - Fritz Smith, MD
Zero Balancing Around the World


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It has been a long-standing dream of Dr Fritz Smith MD and the whole Zero Balancing community to have a non-profit Foundation that could help promote Touch as a healing vehicle in the world and to raise funds to support Zero Balancing and associated projects. This dream was finally realised in 2014 when the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation was granted full non-profit status.


Our mission includes:

  • promoting the public awareness of the role skilled, conscious touch plays in health and well-being;
  • educating health-care professionals and the general public about the benefits of touch in bodywork therapies, particularly Zero Balancing;
  • conferencing and networking with other organisations working to promote Touch and consciousness such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California, where we have participated in their Conferences in both 2015 and 2017, Soul Lightening International Conference in 2016 and International Faculty Retreats in 2012 and 2016;
  • funding research endeavours that can explore the possible neural, hormonal, electrodynamic and energetic mechanisms of touch in the healing domain through the psychological measurement of electrodermal skin conduction, brain waves, EEG or EKG;
  • acting as a container for Zero Balancing’s Intellectual Property Rights and archives to provide continuity and educational integrity of Zero Balancing internationally, thus maintaining “Middle C” for Zero Balancing worldwide.

Our current activities include funding our primary goal of research to illuminate the psychological measurements of the effects of Zero Balancing and the publishing of “Life in the Bones”, a biography of Dr Smith by David Lauterstein.

You can contact the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation at or at 335 Broadway, Cambridge MA, 02139 USA. Tel: (617) 354 8360. We welcome your support and participation in our mission.