Zero Balancing Course Descriptions

'The study of Zero Balancing leads to a broader comprehension of human potential, health and wholeness.' - Fritz Smith, MD
Zero Balancing Course Descriptions

The Zero Balancing curriculum is arranged into three general categories: Core Zero Balancing workshops (Core ZB I and Core ZB II); Skills courses; and Advanced courses. All are taught in a variety of formats, such as over five consecutive days, or two consecutive weekends, or two introductory days followed by a series of evening classes. Formats are at the discretion of the individual teacher. Our Course Calendar lists all the forthcoming classes, and if you would like to host a Zero Balancing course near you, please contact us.

Core Courses

Core ZB I and Core ZB II are the two courses that everyone takes when embarking on the journey to study Zero Balancing. Broadly speaking, they work as a pair providing a thorough introduction to the principles and skills that underpin Zero Balancing.

Advanced Courses

Advanced Zero Balancing courses, as the name suggests, take your Zero Balancing skills to another level. The curricula for all these inspiration classes were developed by Dr Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing. These classes not only offer a chance for you to hone your own Zero Balancing bodywork skills in the company of like-minded colleagues, they also open a door into the world of alchemy and quantum physics, exploring how such modern scientific theories inform this unique form of bodywork. These courses are taught in the UK by a number of experienced teachers.

Skills Courses

Zero Balancing Skills courses are mostly developed by individual teaches and reflect the areas of their personal interest and inspiration in the field of Zero Balancing. As such, they offer an eccelectic range of experiences to deepen further your understanding of Zero Balancing in a variety of specialist fields.

Zero Balancing Course Descriptions 2