Practitioner Qualifications

'Studying Zero Balancing deepens a practitioner's therapeutic skills and their basic understanding of the nature of the universe'- Fritz Smith MD
Certified Zero Balancer in the UK

In order to become a Certified Zero Balancer in the UK, would-be ZB Practitioners are invited to join the ZB UK Certification Programme, which is organised and overseen by the ZB UK Teaching Group. Currently, a key prerequisite for acceptance onto this programme is the requirement that an applicant is already a qualified practitioner, having previously successfully completed their studies in at least one other recognised therapy. Consequently, all Certified Zero Balancers offer clients an exceptional depth and richness of experience and training in a range of healing modalities that complement their Zero Balancing skills.

4-day Advanced Zero Balancing course

The ZB UK Certification Programme requires students to attend a minimum of four 35-hour workshops in order to learn key ZB principles and bodywork skills.  In reality however, most students complete more than 200 hours of study on such workshops before they qualify as a Zero Balancer.  The programme can take up to three years to complete and during this time students write up a minimum of 50 Zero Balancing sessions they have given. Each student is also assigned a Zero Balancing Teacher as their mentor, meeting regularly on a one-to-one basis to receive feedback on their skills. Ultimately, Zero Balancing Certification is only awarded to a student when the required level of hands-on skill has been achieved and all course work has been successfully completed.

In addition, all would-be Zero Balancing Practitioners are also required to attend a 4-day Advanced Zero Balancing course, held annually at Gaunts House in the UK. This is an opportunity for students to explore further the exciting ideas that underpin this innovative form of bodywork.