Jo Hale


Jo practices facilitative Health Care, where the voice and experiences of the individual and the clarity of the practitioner are integral to healing, and where symptoms of ill health are understood as opportunity for change, transition and transformation, as route and signpost towards wellness.

Having studied Biological Sciences with the Open University, Jo became fascinated by the potent subtlety and effectiveness of Homeopathy, a medicine which restores health and well-being by engaging an individual’s capacity for self-healing. Jo trained both as a Homoeopath and Transpersonal Counsellor, completing an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma with the Dynamis School of Classical Homoeopathy. She has tutored and supervised homoeopathic students towards their graduation and professional practice.

Jo is also an inspired Zero Balancing practitioner, mentor and teacher, and currently offers Core I/II Zero Balancing, and Advanced Zero Balancing Skills Training – Alchemy of Touch.

Jo was awarded the degree of Doctor of Practice (Health and Wellbeing) in 2012. Her life’s work embraces a contemporary appreciation of well-being, underpinned by many years of practical and philosophical involvement with the wisdom teachings of Buddhism, Qigong, the Martial Arts, Meditation and Neigong – Internal Alchemy.

Jo works with individuals at all stages of life, with children and with families.  She is a mother and grandmother, and enjoys life with warm-hearted enthusiasm.

Jo is a founder member of multi-disciplinary Woodlands Natural Health Centre Derby, which was established in 1993.

Location: Derby
Tel: 01332 841939