Geometry of Healing

Zero Balancing Course Descriptions
  • Prerequisites: Core ZB I & Core ZB II
  • Complimentary Study Guide

The Geometry of Healing is an Advanced Zero Balancing Course that expands basic Zero Balancing principles by teaching you how to work with the spaces between vibrations within the energetic field of the body of your client. Much of the theoretical material presented is based on quantum physics, holographic theory, field theory and how they together relate to the world of touch.

In addition to presenting new ideas and material, the curriculum for the Geometry of Healing course includes an opportunity to revisit and refine your Core foundation Zero Balancing skills.

You will learn:

  • The theory of fields
  • How to access, evaluate and navigate vibratory fields in the body of your client
  • How to create ‘windows’ into the field
  • How to enter and experience the ‘gap’ within the field
  • How to compress fields
  • In-depth exploration of framing a Zero Balancing session while working with a client’s history
  • To monitor self-referencing body signals