Core ZB I

Zero Balancing Course Descriptions
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Taught by all ZBA UK Teachers
  • Certification Programme requirement
  • Complimentary Study Guide

Core ZB I is the first course taken by everyone beginning their study of Zero Balancing.

Core ZB I introduces the concept of ‘energy’ in relation to Zero Balancing principles and explores how energy flows within our bodies in a dynamic relationship with our body structure, in particular our bones and skeleton.

During the course, all participants have ample opportunity to practice their new skills with fellow students, receiving support and feedback from the Zero Balancing Teacher.

Core ZB I is normally taught over four or five days, either as consecutive days or over weekends.  The fees start at  £495, and vary according to location and venue costs.  Please see the Course Calendar for details of individual events.

You will learn:

  • The unique theory and principles of Zero Balancing
  • How to touch body energy and anatomical structure simultaneously
  • The skill of using energy flows within the body as a working tool
  • The energetic anatomy of the skeleton
  • The theory and application of Zero Balancing’s working tool – the fulcrum
  • Evaluation and balancing techniques
  • To give and receive contructive peer feedback
  • The basic Zero Balancing protocol
  • How to give an effective Zero Balancing session to family & friends