Press for Zero Balancing

'I found myself in an almost meditative state and came off the couch feeling different - lighter, easier in my body and preternaturally calm in my mind.'- Jane Alexander in The Daily Telegraph.

‘Zero Balancing: feel the difference’ – in the Complementary Therapist Association’s Embody magazine (October 2013)

More Than Zero‘ – (August 2013)

‘Dance Health: close to the bone’ – Dancing Times (July 2013)

Zero Balancing touch therapy heals pain – San Francisco Chronicle (3 February 2013)

How to beat bad posture – Natural Health magazine (21 January 2013)

Therapy Spotlight: Zero Balancing‘ – Healium online magazine (December 2012)

Press for Zero Balancing 2

Zero Balancing‘ – International Therapist (February 2012)

This article was first published on the Knowledge Tree section of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) website (

Reclaim your body’s natural balance by Jane Alexander – The Daily Telegraph (19 October 2009)

It works for me: Zero Balancing – go with the flow by Lisa Grainger – The Times (24 July 2004; a subscription is required to read the full article.)

‘Tall order’ by Kelly Gilbert – Vogue (date unknown)

Six ways to improve your posture – Daily Mail (date unknown)

‘Zero Balancing: the newest stress-zapper’ by Wendy Bristow – Cosmopolitan (March 1996)

‘Zero in on your stress’ – Daily Mail (22 October 1994)

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