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Rowena Birch, working mum, Olympian 1996, European Judo champion 1994:
“I really look forward to a Zero Balancing session and how it makes me feel afterwards both physically and mentally. It’s 30 minutes of calm for myself, unwinding time, time to have those inner tensions gently unravelled, leaving me feeling refreshed, looked after, and more ready to take on whatever the world throws at me. Ongoing aches and pains, little niggles, probably brought on by being too uptight while working at my desk or driving, are relieved. The session is very gentle, yet at certain points there is an awareness that it is working on an area of tension, when it feels almost painful – but in a pleasant way. It is satisfying to feel that it is doing something without there being any fear that it will be too dramatic, too invasive or out of my control. I leave the session feeling like my body works better, more efficiently, that I am able to keep things mentally in perspective, that I am no longer internally fighting myself physically and mentally.”

Wendy Bristow, Cosmopolitan Magazine:
“What lasted hours – and less dramatically days – was a feeling of incredible well-being. I felt centred, grounded and profoundly relaxed.”

Jane Alexander, Daily Mail:
“Other techniques which work deep in the body can be hard, quite painful, but this is slow and gentle. You relax into it. You feel mentally and physically safe yet it is deep, you can feel the pressure going down to the bone … and a sense of being returned to oneself.”

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Marketing Consultant:
“After the first Zero Balancing session my posture was improved and I felt more open and less restricted. The other interesting side-effect was going home and being able to fix the printer and a problem with my website, as I was more relaxed.”

Jill Hall, Psychotherapist, Norfolk:
“My Zero Balancing sessions have enormously enhanced my sense of well-being on all levels. I consider it a most sound and sensitive mode of bodywork, which reaches one at a deep but safe and unobtrusive level. It could combine most effectively with therapy or counselling.”

James, London:
“It feels like there is nothing going on but when you step off the couch it often feels like a different day. It’s quietly powerful.”

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Jane, Somerset:
“I find a Zero Balancing session even more effective than a good massage. It releases tension at a very deep level and afterwards I feel like I am back in sync with myself – ‘reset’ and ready to go.”

Danielle, London:
“I was originally recommended to Zero Balancing because my daily life was being crippled by anxiety. Having received a number of regular sessions I rarely suffer with anxiety, but recently, after a particularly challenging period, I experienced a slight ‘blip’ and starting feeling rather low again. Within two hours of having a Zero Balancing session, this cloud lifted from me and I felt my positive self again. I am back to loving life and feel excited by, rather than afraid of, the journey ahead of me. I am in no doubt that Zero Balancing has been one of the most beneficial things I have done.”

Retired Firefighter:
“I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long time. I feel happier too, and less aggressive.”

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Chrissie B:
“I can thoroughly recommend Zero Balancing.
 Prior to receiving treatment I was averse to any ‘hands on’ therapy of any sort as I come from a non tactile family background and physical contact has always been a difficult area for me. However, as I came to appreciate and trust my practitioner, I found Zero Balancing a marvellously nurturing and restorative experience.”

Margaret Blackman, St. Albans:
“Events from the past came back vividly and, after a couple of days, gently dissolved. I now experience a growing sense of inner peace and lightness.”

“My energy definitely improved and was stronger after.  I also noticed that my pelvis, neck and back 
were much looser and easier too.”

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