Richard Walters


Richard Walters gained a degree in Zoology in 1981 and went on to teach English as a foreign language in Istanbul, Portugal and Oxford. He qualified in Five Element Acupuncture in 1990. He has studied Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith since 1987, Certifying in 1992, and qualified as a Zero Balancing Teacher in 1996. Since then he has taught over 40 Core workshops, and has written and taught a number of Skills workshops, including ZB in Pregnancy, The Field, Physical Trauma Fields, and Inside the Fulcrum. Richard assisted Dr Fritz Smith on advanced trainings for 20 years before going on to teach at the Annual Gaunts House Masterclass.

Richard has spent the last 4 years studying Identity Orientated Psychotrauma Therapy.

In his spare time Richard is a Certified Advanced Motorcycle teacher and a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader, teaching moorland skills to Explorer Scouts.

Location: Devon
Tel: 07811 845862