Fritz Zoom Call for ZB UK

The recording of the Zoom call with Fritz, which took place on 11th July 2020.

This recording is on a private Youtube channel.


The following notes from Fritz accompany the video:


Spiritual Fulcrum 

I would like to lead you through a demonstration of a spiritual fulcrum.

FYI, I designed this specific fulcrum as an exercise only and do not use this in actual practice.  The fulcrum will indicate some principles of a spiritual fulcrum – having the intention for a spiritual fulcrum coming from a place of my inner quiet and Being, making a solid bone connection with the client, longer pauses between each new vector, held longer at the end so the rider has time to have an experience. The exercise may possibly give you a nice experience.

Let us first set the stage by acting out the fulcrum position. In this exercise, I’m going to ask you to put a fulcrum into one of your own fingers.  With the tip of one finger of your working hand, palpate the shaft of a finger of the receiving hand and find one place where you make a good solid bone contact. This will be the beginning location of the fulcrum.

If you have books or things on your lap, set them down, so that you can sit in a neutral position with no distractions.


  • Find yourself comfortably seated with your hands on your lap.
  • Take a deep breath, hold it for several seconds, relaxing as you let the breath go. Take a second breath, hold it and, letting go, relax further. Repeat a third time relaxing even more. Pause.
  • Then pick up your hands and position them for the fulcrum.
  • With your working hand, press the tip of the finger into the shaft of the receiving finger and make a good bone connection. Hold and Pause.
  • Then create a Half Moon Vector into finger.  Pause and hold it.
  • Then traction the finger without losing any of the HMV. Pause and hold it, hold it.
  • Then, maintaining all fields, add miniscule rotation of the finger. Pause and hold it, hold it, hold it.
  • Then very gently, release the fulcrum, and put your hands back in your lap and experience the moment. Don’t think, just Be.
  • Gradually, in your own timing, come back to the here and now, making sure you feel centred and grounded in your base.