ZBA UK Certification Programme

'Once you commit to becoming a Certified Zero Balancer, your learning curve increases sharply and the deeper significance of Zero Balancing begins to reveal itself.' - Fritz Smith MD
ZBA UK Certification Programme
ZBA UK Certification Programme 2

“Successfully graduating as a recognised Zero Balancer has proven to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable of my achievements.”

This sentiment is shared by a great number of students who have completed the Zero Balancing Certification Programme. Enrolment on this programme provides you with a focus and structure for the development of your Zero Balancing skills to a recognised standard of proficiency, and all the support you need to achieve this goal. And on graduation you will join a vibrant group of Certified Zero Balancers numbering almost 1,000 worldwide.

The programme is self-paced and therefore adaptable to your individual circumstances. Most students take between 18 months and three years to complete their studies and to graduate as a Certified Zero Balancer.

ZBA UK Certification Programme 3

To join the ZBA UK Certification Programme applicants must:

  • Have completed Core ZB I;
  • Hold an existing qualification in a healthcare modality.


Those accepted onto the ZBA UK Certification Programme must:

  • Attend a Core ZB II course;
  • Attend a Beyond the Protocol (Freely Moveable Joints) course
  • Attend an Advanced Zero Balancing workshop
  • Receive regular one-to-one mentoring and encouragement from their mentor, a Zero Balancing teacher, as they progress through the programme
  • Receive guidance and feedback from their mentor on one of the most significant elements in the qualification process: skilful touch
  • Give 100 Zero Balancing sessions and submit to their mentor write-ups of 50 of these
  • Submit two essays on chosen aspects of Zero Balancing.


Attending the following is also recommended:


Details of the cost of enrolling on the ZBA UK Certification Programme are as follows:

Payment to the ZBA UK of £500, covering all administrative costs, Certification Days, the mentor’s teaching fee and two tutorial sessions (one at the beginning and one at the end of the programme) over a period of three years, after which time an additional fee will be payable;

  • Further mentoring sessions are charged at £25 per hour;
  • Membership of the ZBA UK is £57;
  • Workshops range in price: Core ZB I and Core ZB II are £420 each. Beyond the Protocol (Freely Moveable Joints) is £320. Gaunts House, a 5-day residential course including full board, is £595. Please refer to the course calendar for full details of each course.
  • National and Regional Study Days are individually priced, and the Course Calendar will have details of costs. Each ZBA UK member receives one National Study Day free of charge as part of their annual membership; additional days are £40 for members. Regional Study Days are around £40 but may vary.
  • Occasionally, additional elements are added: for example, Beyond the Protocol (Freely Moveable Joints) was added as a requirement for certification in 2011.


If you’d like more information on certifying as a Zero Balancing practitioner, or to join the programme, please contact us.

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