march, 2019

13mar(mar 13)9:00 am16(mar 16)4:00 pmZB Rhythm and RestorationThe Dover Barn, Dover Lane, Poling, Arundel BN18 9PX Organiser: Cassie White

Event Details

During this class we will learn how to access and work with Rhythm, Movement and Restorative Fulcrums in your Zero Balancing sessions.

ZB at its best can be very dance-like, fun and exciting. Finding and using rhythm is a key to doing and effective and wonderful Zero Balancing sessions.

There are many rhythms to be aware of in ZB – the client’s rhythm, our rhythm, the underlying rhythm of the bones and skeleton, also the rhythm of each fulcrum individually as well as how they orchestrate with each other during the entire session.

We will learn how to add the additional factor of movement to our stationary fulcrums and also how to use movement and vectors to help release and mobilise held tension in the skeletal system.

We will also learn and explore the concept of the Restorative Fulcrum.  While all Zero Balancing sessions have significant restorative aspects designed into the protocol and execution of a session we are able to highlight this aspect by specific fulcrums and following particular theory.

The theory allows the client to basically bathe and drop into a field of restoration that is generated by releasing the client’s own energy into a restorative container and allowing this to build and fill.

Once we know these principles they open many other avenues of exciting exploration to our Zero Balancing sessions.

In the class we will learn and explore:

·         Finding the rhythm of your client & recognising your own rhythm

·         Careful monitoring and utilising the breath patterns

·         How to establish the rhythm of your ZB session

·         The principles and utilisation of Restorative fulcrums

·         How to address tenacious held tensions

·         How to improvise and be more creative in your ZB sessions

The Instructor

Michael Oruch has taught Zero Balancing in the U.S. and internationally since 1997. Michael is the developer of ZB Form & Fulcrums, The 15 Minute ZB, The 5 Minute ZB, The Restorative ZB and ZB Fields & Fulcrums. He teaches the Art of ZB and ZB by the Sea with Fritz each year.


Price: £420

Instructors: Michael Oruch

Course Length: 4 days

Prerequisites: Core ZB 1 and 2

Registration Info: Cassie White

Location: Arudel, West Sussex

For registration and logistical information please contact Cassie White -   tel 01903 700477 or 07568 069616

For content information, contact Michael Oruch -, tel +1212 219 8145


13 (Wednesday) 9:00 am - 16 (Saturday) 4:00 pm


The Dover Barn

The Dover Barn, Dover Lane, Poling, Arundel BN18 9PX


Cassie 01903 700477

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