Core ZB I and/or Core ZB II

04nov(nov 4)9:30 am07(nov 7)5:00 pmCore ZB I and/or Core ZB IIHolly Tree, Hunger Hill, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth EX10 0BZ OrganiserRichard Walters

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The Core ZB I and Core ZB II workshops present the theoretical insights and practical skills to integrate body energy and body structure using touch. They are valuable to healthcare practitioners and students of all disciplines, whether they use energy or structure in their healing work. Zero Balancing students are drawn from a broad range of health care disciplines. They find that learning Zero Balancing significantly enhances their skill and effectiveness in their main modality, as well as being a valuable bodywork in its own right. Non-healthcare practitioners studying Zero Balancing find that as well as learning a hands-on skill to practice with family and friends, their lives are enhanced in applying the principles that are taught during the course.

Certified Zero Balancing Teachers have been trained by the founder of Zero Balancing, Dr Fritz Smith.

The number of participants in each workshop is limited to ensure high levels of touch feedback.

This workshop is designed to teach you the skills needed to give a full Zero Balancing session and can also be an opportunity for recharging your own batteries and enhancing your wellbeing. It counts as one of the four workshops required as part of the Certification Programme in Zero Balancing. This course counts as ZB I or ZB II, but not both.

Core ZB I is the first course everyone takes when beginning their study of Zero Balancing. In particular it introduces the concept of 'energy' in relation to Zero Balancing principles and explores how energy flows within our bodies in a dynamic relationship with our body structure, in particular our bones and skeleton. During the course, all participants have ample opportunity to practice their new skills with fellow students, receiving support and feedback from the teacher.


  • The unique theory and principles of Zero Balancing
  • How to touch body energy and anatomical structure simultaneously
  • The skill of using energy flows within the body as a working tool
  • The energetic anatomy of the skeleton
  • The theory and application of Zero Balancing's working tool - the fulcrum
  • Evaluation and balancing techniques
  • To give and receive contructive peer feedback
  • The basic Zero Balancing protocol
  • How to give an effective Zero Balancing session to family & friends

Core ZB II is second in the pair of Core Zero Balancing courses, following up from Core ZB I. Students have the opportunity to review material taught in Core ZB I and deepen their understanding of the theory and principles that underpin Zero Balancing. In addition, participants will learn new fulcrums and how to integrate these into an expanded protocol.

This workshop is also highly recommended to those Certified Zero Balancing Practitioners who have not taken a Zero Balancing course in a while, as it is an ideal opportunity to refresh their skills and keep current with developments in Zero Balancing.


  • How to integrate new fulcrums when reviewing the basic protocol
  • How to emphasize your quality of touch and attention
  • Work at a deeper level during sessions
  • To work more effectively with less physical effort
  • How to frame your Zero Balancing sessions
  • To work with expanded states of consciousness during sessions
  • To acquire experience in preparation for advanced study
  • How Zero Balancing can support and enliven your existing skillset

This workshop takes place over four days, Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th March 2020.

Accommodation is available onsite.


Price: £420.00

Instructors: Richard Walters

Course Length: 4 days

Prerequisites: NONE

Registration Info: 07811 845862

Location: Newton Poppleford, East Devon

For more information or to register call or email Richard Walters.


November 4, 2021 9:30 am - November 7, 2021 5:00 pm(GMT+00:00)


Newton Poppleford, East Devon

Holly Tree, Hunger Hill, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth EX10 0BZ

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Richard Walters

Richard Walters gained a degree in Zoology in 1981 and went on to teach English as a foreign language in Istanbul, Portugal and Oxford. He qualified in Five Element Acupuncture in 1990. He has studied Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith since 1987, Certifying in 1992, and qualified as a Zero Balancing Teacher in 1996. Since then he has taught over 40 Core workshops, and has written and taught a number of Skills workshops, including ZB in Pregnancy, The Field, Physical Trauma Fields, and Inside the Fulcrum. Richard assisted Dr Fritz Smith on advanced trainings for 20 years before going on to teach at the Annual Gaunts House Masterclass. Richard has spent the last 4 years studying Identity Orientated Psychotrauma Therapy. In his spare time Richard is a Certified Advanced Motorcycle teacher and a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader, teaching moorland skills to Explorer Scouts.

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